Debra Guy (vocals, guitar) met Drew Pompano (bass) in 2015 and they formed the folk pop quartet Help Me Helen. Debra met Bill Morris (drums) in 2016 in Crozet where they were bandmates in a prog/roots rock band. Debra met Chris Hammond (guitar) on a snowy Saturday night in late 2017 at a kid’s birthday party in Louisa.

What started out as a side project for Charlottesville singer-songwriter Debra Guy has taken center stage as 7th Grade Girl Fight keeps wooing audiences with their fun blend of garage pop and indie rock. With energy and hooky choruses compared to the likes of The Replacements, Death Cab for Cutie, Weezer, and Jimmy Eat World, 7GGF offers a polished, mature brand of power pop music that feels both nostalgic and brand new.

In 2018, 7GGF released two back-to-back EP’s: “Jump Back” in July and “Summer is Over” in September.

Excerpt from The News & Advance (Lynchburg, Va.) interview:

Do these two EPs tell different stories and, if so, what are they?

“The four tunes on the first EP, ‘Jump Back,’ are the four I demoed and sent to the band which started the project. One of our initial goals was to bring those songs to fruition as a full band, and it was really amazing to hear them come to life. That EP’s story is mostly a 7GGF flag planted in the earth — we’re here, this is happening.

“If the ‘Jump Back’ EP is a flag in the earth, then the ‘Summer Is Over’ EP is the lawn chairs and cooler next to the flag. We arranged those songs together as a band, so it really helped solidify our sound and define the kind of music we’re making. It also demonstrates our versatility — from punk to blues to mid-tempo, feel-good music, all in four tunes.”


Upcoming Shows

  • Apr 26
    Clementine (7GGF),  Harrisonburg
  • Apr 27
    Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (7GGF),  Charlottesville
  • Apr 27
    WXTJ Presents: AntiFoxfield! (7GGF),  Charlottesville
  • May 11
    Tommy's Pub (7GGF),  Charlotte
  • May 23
    The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative (7GGF),  Charlottesville


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